Monday, February 25, 2013

You Are My Everything

You Are My Everything

♥ ~"I have never asked you for anything.

Never demanded a single thing from you other than your happiness.

How And When Did You Become My Only Dream.

I Had So Many Things In My Mind .. Now I Just Wish To Scream.

I Regret That I Didn't Realize It Was Love Before.

Maybe You Would've Believed Me. If I Had Said Before.

No Wonder It Was Destiny That I Met You.

I Still Remember Every Memory Which Has You.

I Wish I Had Something In Me Which Even You Liked.

I Wish I Could Be The One You Liked.

Shattered Dreams And Shattered Hopes Are All I Have Today.

Without You .. I Wish I Could Die This Very Moment Today.

Nothing Could Come In Between My Love And You.

You May Not Believe .. But Every Bit Of My Heart Still Loves You.

Today You Might Be Ignoring Me Of Some Reason You Might Have.

I Know You Were Broke Once.. But Trust Me.. You’re All I Want To Have.

I Might Be Asking Too Much Of You. But I Promise You’ll Wonder One Day.

How It Would Have Been If I Didn’t Love You. How It Would Have Been If I Never Met You.

Even Though You Make Me Cry Every Moment I Wish I Smiled.

I Still Love You. But I Don’t Know Why.

My Heart Doesn't Want To Believe What You Said That Day.

It Just Says. A Day Would Come.

When Even You Will Believe What I Had Said.

When Even You Will Believe I Meant Whatever I Ever Said..  

I love you darling, you are my everything."~♥ 

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