Sunday, February 24, 2013

She is my heart, my soul

♥ ~"Yes i get upset with her every now and then,
when she doesn't give me back,
the attention i want, and i need.
and i start thinking is it the end of it?

no more love for me and me for her?
no more teenage sweetness i feel inside?
no more me and her, and perhaps,
we are not meant for each other?

As i make up my mind ready to that thought,
as i decide to finally get over her,
she smiles back at me, and there goes all my thinking,
all my plans, all my courage to leave her all alone.

Her single sweet smile melts me inside,
and reminds me this truth again,
why i fell for her in the first place,
why i love her with all my heart.

Damn she is so cute and her
smile is just out of this world.
i will never ever get over her,
i can never ever leave her alone.

That's the feeling i have in my heart,
as she smiles and shines my day and soul,
I fall in love with her all over again,
she is my heart, my soul, my everything".~♥ 

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