Saturday, February 23, 2013

No Matter Where You Go, What You Do.

♥ ~"No Matter Where You Go..
No Matter What You Do..
If We Grow Apart Or Come Closer Together..
If You Fall In Love..'n Forget All About Me..
Or If You Came To Hate Me..

I Want You To Know That I Will Always Love You..
'n Always Be There For You..

No Matter Where Your Destiny Lies..
You Will Always Be My Friend..
'n If Fate Tears Us Apart..

Always Remember That
No Matter How Long It Has Been Since We Talked..
Or Why We Stopped Talking..

If Life Brings You Down..
I Will Always Be There For You..
You Can Call Me Anytime..Anywhere..
I Will Listen To You...
I Wont Ever Judge You..
'n Always Remember..I Love You..!
"~ ♥

Love to hear from you