Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Will Be Loving You Forever

I have never asked u for anything.
Never demanded a single thing from u other than your happiness.
Coz that's all I need to be alive A warm smile of yours is enough for me to be happy
And I demand that coz I love u.

Yes.. I know YOU hurt me..Often & a lot...
You make me cry... Maybe a bit too much..
My friends get hurt by my tears..
And they say...You are not the one for me :(

But what can I do if my heart Supports YOU always...
My heart beats for you..and it will be yours forever
Coz it knows very well.. How much u love me..
And YOU are the Person who'll be hurt most To see me Cry

You may behave just like a baby...
Who may throw things at others in rage
You may loose your control over yourself just like that..
You may hurt me to break me inside.
But at the end you'll b always Cared & Loved
I'll always be beside u to support u.
To love u wen u need it most.
To Love you wen u r at your Worst..not only at your best\
But whatever may happen... I WILL BE LOVING YOU FOREVER
Coz I can never show any logic or reason to love you.
I love you just because I love you.
And that's why...No reason can make me leave u..
I Will Be Loving You Forever

Love to hear from you