Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Am All Yours

♥ ~"I am all yours… ♥ ♥
My eyes are to stare you…

My heart is to beat for you…
My mouth is to talk to you…

My arms are to hold you tight.
My ears are to hear your sweet voice.

My legs are to go for a walk with you..
My shoulders are to put your head on… When you need to ♥

I wont say "I'll never make u cry";
But I'll make u smile before your tears get dry.,

I wont say "I'll never tell u a lie;
But If I do, I do it for a reason, some day I'll tell u why.,

I don't say "we'll never have a fight",
But I'll say I'm really sorry when I realize u were right.,

I don't say "Life together will be.. easy & bright";
But when things get tough.,
I'll hold u tight to me.,

I got nothing more to say,
I got nothing more to prove.,
But Always remember.

My Everything Is Only Yours Baby
♥ I love you forever!

Love to hear from you