Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nobody Can Change A Person, But...

♥~"When we love people, sometimes we love them so much that we try to smother them into going the direction that we see could really be beneficial for their lives. In doing this we have to realize that just because a person isn't willing to grow in the direction that we wish, doesn't mean that they wont grow at all. When a person truly believes in who they are on the inside, and where they are going, sometimes that person is the only person that can really see where being true to oneself can take them. Instead of spending our time focused on changing everyone, we have to be willing to spend our time encouraging people to be who they really are. Being there for someone doesnt consist of trying to make that person who we want him or her to be, but instead consists of trying to get them to be who they really are.~ ♥

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