Thursday, August 15, 2013

How you got HIV, my love?


This is the story about a boy and a girl. They met at a college where they studied together. Boy was rich and the girl belonged to a normal middle class family. They were best friends and shared everything with each other. By the end of the college they realized that they loved each other and couldn’t live without each other.
After college they told everything to their parents. Both of their parents were happy for their children and were together with them in their decision to get married. They didn’t cared about the girl being middle class. One day both of them went some place to have fun and on the way to return home back they had to face a huge accident.
They had not even thought of that. They were only happy in their own life but no one had even imagined that they had to go through that. The girl was badly injured and was taken to the hospital. She needed the blood as most of the blood was lost due to the accident. There was shortage of blood in the hospital which matched her but it was the co-incident that the boy’s blood matched. He was ready to give blood and was taken for taste. There was another huge stroke for him,doctors told him that he was found HIV+ while testing.
He had no idea what to do then he remembered once he had taken blood from a general hospital and it was the carelessness of that hospital due to which he had HIV. His life was ruined there was nothing he could do. He decided not to tell his love because he knew that if she came to know she wouldn’t be able to live. So he left her in the hospital after arranging the blood.

After the operation she asked for him but he wasn’t there. She was shocked to hear that he left her alone forever and she was not ready to believe. Her parents told her that it is due to there poorness he left her. After few days she came to know the truth and her love for him grew deeper. She went back to him and they started living together.

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