Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sometimes We Are Only Given A Few Minutes To Be With The One We Love

♥~"Have you ever had the one you love take their love away from you, so quickly, and so suddenly, that it truly caught you by surprise? Dealing with unique situations such as these isnt always easy, but we must learn to look in the good in each situation. Even when we can no longer be with the person we love, we have to remember to cherish the time that we spent with them. What did you learn from them, and the situation of your relationship? What memories will you take with you, and what advice will you be able to give yourself when it comes to dealing with other people we love in our lives. Sometimes it will feel as though you miss someone so much more than you ever really loved them, and sometimes you will feel alone, even when you have people all around. Keep thinking positive, and allow the hurt that you are experience to be your inspiration for finding the best way through the situation!~ ♥

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