Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If You Find It In Your Heart To Care For Somebody Else, You Have Succeeded

♥~"One of the most meaningful things we can do in our lives is to be helpful to others. The legacy we leave behind when we are gone, won't be of our dashing good looks, what job we did great in, or how much money we made. We will be remembered for the things we did to people, and how we made people feel. We will be remembered for being uplifting when others felt down. We will be remembered for helping to pick up others when they fell. We will be remembered for making people smile when all they thought that they could wear is a frown. So each day let us make an effort to leave a great legacy behind. Let us be that joy and strength that this world so badly needs. Make the choices that will not only bring yourself strength, but that will strengthen others as well just as much.~ ♥
- See more at: http://thequotesgarden.blogspot.com/2013/06/if-you-find-it-in-your-heart-to-care.html#sthash.GtZs74g1.dpuf

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