Wednesday, April 10, 2013

♥You Are In Charge Of How You Feel

♥~" I am in charge in how I feel and today I am choosing happiness.
You are in charge of your own destiny. Living a good life is all about what set of beliefs and standards that you choose adhere to during the parts of life that you have pretty good control over. Will you choose to succumb to fate? Will you choose not to act, and not to believe in anything, and seek to never leave a footprint on the Earth? Or will you choose to believe? 

Will you ask God for Guidance when you need to? Will you listen to his word? Will you make corrections in your life when you need to? When you stay committed to those things, you will have a good life. When you stay committed to what is dearest to your heart you will not only be in charge of how you feel, but you will also find that peace and joy will enter your heart along the way.
~ ♥

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