Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Late Night On Call*
She - Hey, Its Too Late.
I'm Going To Sleep Now.
(In Her Mind - Please
Make Me Stop, I Wanna Talk With You)
He - Please Stay Here :)....♥
She - No, It's Already Too Late. I Should Go.

Why Don't You Text Another Girl To Wake
With You ? She'll Go Crazy.
(In HerMind -Don'tText
Another Girl )....♥
He - Ok. Then Wait I'm Texting.
She - Hmm. (In He Mind - What The Hell ):@
He - Done. I Texted Her. She - Good,
she - Hey Wait I
Got A Text.
He - Ok, Check It First Then.
She - "Text - Please Stay On Call Baby !"....♥
*She Blushed* You Are Crazy I Swear..♥  

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