Friday, April 26, 2013


A Christian boy saw a Muslim girl 
She was pretty and the boy lost his heart on her 
The boy started approaching her 
Boy told her that he is Muslim and he is in love with her 
She was innocent and she truth him and got involved with him 
They were so deep in love 

She wanted to marry him but she didn’t knew that the boy is Christian 
She told her parents about him but her parents didn’t agree 
So she left the home in the hope that her love will manage her 
Then she told this to her love 
He said, what you have done? 
I am a Christian I couldn’t marry you 
You are my love my first real love but I couldn’t marry you 
She cried she shouted she was so exhausted 
The love had made her all hopes shattered 
Now she had nowhere to go but to suicide 
And she did it silently 

I don’t know who is in fault here but you can't blame the LOVE

Love to hear from you